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Posted on : 26-05-2009 | By : admin | In :


Welcome to NineHats.com. 

We’re sure you’re wondering, “Why ‘NineHats’?” so we want to tell you. In less turbulent times if a person was knowledgeable at many different areas they were considered a Jack-of-All-Trades of a Renaissance Man (or Woman). It was something that was begotten by desire and not by necessity.

Now, times are different. With the economy upside down and money tight everyone has to find a way to cut a little off the top. Many of us are becoming more resourceful by learning how to do things that we never knew before.

That’s where NineHats.com comes in. We are here for you, because everyone wears more than one hat in their life today. 

In essence it is our goal to help you expand your “hat” collection. We might not make you an expert in a new field right away, but we hope that you are able to acquire new skills using the “How To” section and learn interesting things in our Blog.

So, feel free to explore our site. If there is anything you would like to see added, such as a particular “How To”, let us know and we’ll get on it. We’re here for you and we appreciate you being here.


-NineHats.com Staff