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Cheap International Long Distance Calling Cards Online

Posted on : 29-12-2009 | By : admin | In :



Nowadays most people are using their cellular phones so often that we lose sight of the way things used to be. I remember just less than 10 years ago that when I wanted to call my friends or family who were only 50 miles away I would have to call my calling card number.


Now that we all have cell phones we don’t run into this issue. That was, until one of my good friends Brad, decided to move to Australia, then Germany, then… well you get the picture.

Its true, I could have gone out and bought a Skype phone and set up an account. But, that’s just more money and more hassle. Instead, I looked around and found a cheap deal on an international calling card that I could recharge whenever I wanted to. It felt a little old school, but it worked great. Afterall, I only talk to my friend on the phone a few times a year. So, whenever I want to talk I just check my calling card online and then load up if I need to. Then I’m talking without the fear of running up a bill I can’t pay for.

My preference is Cloncom.com. I’ve personally used their service in the past. When I used their service I was not an affiliate of theirs. I was just another person who needed a calling card. The service was the cheapest around, but the qualitity of service was great. I had used an AT&T card for domestic long distance for years and when I switched to Cloncom.com for international service I could not tell a difference in service.

I hope you’ll take a look at them. They offer great deals on discount international calling rates to every country out there. They have great rates to Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, all of the South American countries, Europe, Great Britain, Russia, and many more. They will certainly be able to take care of your international calling needs. Check them out for the best rate on international calling cards out there.

You can also use their service you get your own local number in another country. This can be real helpful in cutting down your costs if you are making calls to a particular country on a regular basis. Click here for more info. Get a local number in another country. Learn more!